Life is difficult and complicated and beyond anyone’s total control, and the humility to know that will enable you to survive its vicissitudes — J.K. Rowling

Life is difficult, we have to come across many different things from time to time. In Hong Kong, it would be diffcult for us to focus on a specific task for a prolonged period. Our boss would give us more than we can handle most of the time. They always treated us as a multitasking computer.

Life is busy, we have tons of things to handle in works. After work we need to handle many things from relationships, families, friends and colleagues. We only got less than 14 hours (Assume that you will work for 10 hrs per day) per day including meal and sleep.

Evernote is the only applications I opened all the time, I put everything I could in there since 2010. My life changed since I started using it completely.

Most of my work documents stay inside Evernote so I can search anything I need as well as the content of the documents. So virtually I had all the files I compose with me on all of my devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad). As my workplace didn’t deploy any kind of Slack like system, we have to send file to each other through email. Pretty old school? Yes, its common for Hong Kong we need to use personal Apps to cater this job.

We are using whatsapp to communicate with each other internally. Using WhatsApp to share a large document might spent much valuable data from your colleagues personal monthly data limit.

Evernote enable us to share any file to colleagues within minute after a search. I do not have to grab the file and then put into email for me to share it. My life become easier as colleagues always ask for something we sent them through email before.

Personal Life? I put all of my medical records inside my Evernote so I can pull them off anytime when I visit my doctor. Expecially when we become younger from time to time. Our body will signal us to keep exercise to prevent us from visiting doctor into a habit.

We (my wife and I) shared several notebook together, including cooking recipes, art, books ideas, photography skills …etc. It act as a library of reference for us, we can just get it anytime we need it.

In case of emergency, she can pull them off required notes from her mobile device.

I also put in tons of important photos in my life since childhoold there, although we do not recommend using Evernote as a photo album but the advanced search function enable us to find photos we need with tags we put in when we import the photos

Silver Cord Hong Kong 1989

We will looks into more ways of using Evernote to improve our life.